How to create custom roles

Step 1
When in Tesla's Developer Perspective, select New->Tesla Role from the File-menu.

Step 2
Select the Tesla Component project in which a new roles.xml file should be generated.

Step 3
The role editor opens, and you can define custom roles: Click on 'Add...' to create a new role definition stub. Enter a system-wide-unique role definition id (which should be human readable, unlike the default value), a name and a short description.

Step 4
Define the required data object, by either clicking on Browse... to select an existing interface, or by clicking on the link Data Object left of the text field, as shown below:


The wizard will generate a new interface.

Step 4
Switch back to the role editor, and define the access adapter. In case you want to create a new access adapter interface, enter the fully qualified name of the interface, and click on the link Access Adapter left of the text field. The interface wizard opens again, already parameterized corresponding to the choice of the data object.