Tesla Client

This is an Eclipse-based desktop application which can be used to set up, execute and analyze text-based experiments, as well as to develop new components. A Tesla Server is included and can be configured and launched from the client's graphical user interface.

If you want to learn more about Tesla, downloading the Client application will be the best choice.


Tesla Client (Windows 32 bit)
Tesla Client (Windows 64 bit)


Tesla Client (Linux 32 bit)
Tesla Client (Linux 64 bit)

Mac OS

Note: Nightly Mac OS builds are currently not available. You will always download the latest stable version.

Tesla Client (Mac OS 32 bit)
Tesla Client (Mac OS 64 bit)

Standalone Server

Tesla was designed as a client-server application. As such, the standalone server can be installed on dedicated hardware, and clients can be configured to connect to the remote server instead of the embedded one.

If you already know about the idea behind Tesla and want to learn more about using it in a client-server environment with multiple users, download and install this application in addition to the client application.

Tesla Server (Standalone, all platforms)

Update Site

The Tesla Client can alternatively be installed via an Eclipse update site. If you want to use Tesla within an existing Eclipse installation, you can use this option to download and install Tesla. Note, however, that it's probably a bad idea to use the nightly repository in a productive environment... ;)

To install, launch Eclipse, select Help->Install New Software..., press the Add-Button and add a new software site. If you want to be part of the development process, enter

If you prefer to use Tesla-Versions and -Updates of which we think that they are usable, enter

Detailed installation instructions can be found here.