How to create an experiment

Step 1
Select the create new Tesla experiment button in the toolbar or right-click on the experiment view to create a new experiment.
The following dialog appears:


Enter a name and a description of your experiment.
Click on Finish...Your experiment appears in the experiment view.

Step 2
Change to corpus view to select the documents that should be processed.
Choose a corpus (e.g. British National Corpus) or a document selection by double-click or drag it with your mouse into the editor.

Step 3
Now you can select different components. To add a component to your experiment change to the components view.
Select a component, such like simple tokenizer, and drag it with the mouse into the editor.

Step 4
If there is is only one way to connect it with the experiment, Tesla will do this automatically.
Otherwise you can create connections by yourself. To connect two components click on the output you want to process and afterwards on the processing component.


To delete components or connections right-click on the connection arrow or the component name.

Step 5
If all components are coected, you can change their configuration See How to configure an experiment for details