How to use advanced evaluation features

This tutorial is still work in progress

Highlighted Text Editor
The Highlighted Text editor can be used to visualize token-based annotations of a single document. The example below shows the annotations generated by a POS tagger (red) and a Named Entity detector (yellow). On the right side, detailed information about the currently selected annotations is given.

Bracket Text Editor
The Bracket Text editor allows an alternative view on token-based annotations of single documents. Here, all annotation ranges are visualized by labeled brackets. In the example below, the constituents detected by a parser are shown.

Table Editor
To view a tabular representation of annotations, the Table editor can be used. As seen below, it displays one annotation per row, where the displayed columns can be modified on the right side. Note that you first have to transform the XML output into a tabular representation, before this editor can be used (which can be done with help of the XSLT editor).

Cloud Editor
The Cloud editor can be used to display weighted annotations. In the example below, named entities are displayed; height and width of the string are related to its occurrences.


The result is not as beautiful as if rendered with wordle, but we're working on it... :)