Configuration Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

This annotation is interpreted on fields or methods of a TeslaComponent - Users can configure the element within the Tesla Client, and Tesla will inject the selected value when the component is executed.
Note that only primitive types, strings, and lists of these are supported.


Public Methods

String defaultValue () default""
String description () default"No Description available."
Class<?extends Restrictionrestriction () default NoRestriction.class
int min () default 1
int max () default 1
String editor () default""
String[] editorConfiguration () default
boolean evaluateOnServer () default false

Package Functions

String name ()

Method Details

String defaultValue ( )

The default value of the configuration item, as a string.

String description ( )

A human readable description of the configuration item, which provides additional details about possible values and their influence on processing

String editor ( )

Optional: The fully qualified name of the editor used on client side to set a value for this item. See subclasses of de.uni_koeln.spinfo.tesla.client.ui.editors.form.configurations.itemeditors.AbstractConfigurationEditor By default, an editor for the defined field type (primitive or string) will be used.

String [] editorConfiguration ( )

Optional: Configuration parameters of the editor

boolean evaluateOnServer ( )

Optional: Wether the editor should evaluate the selected value on client- or server side.

int max ( )

Optional: The largest number of configuration items of this type (used for lists only). Default is 1

int min ( )

Optional: The smallest number of configuration items of this type (used for lists only). Default is 1.

String name ( ) [package]

The human readable name of the configuration item (displayed in the client)

Class<? extends Restriction> restriction ( )

Optional: A Restriction which can be used to further specify allowed values