Description Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

Additional details about a TeslaComponent or TeslaReaderComponent


Public Methods

String name ()
String summary ()
String version ()
String bigO () default"Unknown"
String web () default noURL
String licence () default"deprecated"
boolean reusableResults () default false

Public Static Fields

static final String noURL = "No external URL defined"

Method Details

String bigO ( )

Not really big-O - more a rough description of runtime- and memory requirements.

String licence ( )
String name ( )

Name of the component, as displayed in the Tesla Client.

boolean reusableResults ( )

If true, the component will not be executed when it already has been executed once with the same configuration and input. Instead, the already generated results will be reused in this case. Components which support reusing results should definitely turn this flag on, as this will greatly improve the overall execution time of an experiment.

String summary ( )

A description of the component.

String version ( )
String web ( )

Optional: External reference with additional information about the component.


Field Details

final String noURL = "No external URL defined" [static]