Hint Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

Each method of an interface which extends DataObject should be annotated with a Hint, if it is a value which should be included when the object is serialized to XML.


Public Methods

Display display () default Display.UNDEFINED
String name () default UNDEFINED
String[] defaults () default

Public Static Fields

static final String UNDEFINED = "UNDEFINED"

Method Details

String [] defaults ( )

If a method which should be exported requires parameters, this array can be used to set useful default values. Note: Only primitive values and Strings can be referred this way. null is a legal value for Strings only. This features has not been tested well yet!

See also:
IReplacement.getReplacements(boolean) IReplacement.getReplacements(boolean) for an example.
Display display ( )

Recommended display mode, default is Display#UNDEFINED

String name ( )

The human readable name of the method, as it will be displayed when a user selects fields in the export wizard, and as it will be inserted into the generated XML data.


Field Details

final String UNDEFINED = "UNDEFINED" [static]