Java Annotations

Tesla uses Java Annotations to enrich classes, methods, fields and parameters with meta data. This page gives an overview of the annotations used in Tesla.

Java Annotations used with components: Configuration and IO
These annotations define the consumed and produced roles of a Tesla Component, as well as the way a component can be configured within an experiment.

For further information about configuration editors have a look at the subclasses of de.uni_koeln.spinfo.tesla.client.ui.editors.form.configurations.itemeditors.AbstractConfigurationEditor and de.uni_koeln.spinfo.tesla.runtime.component.annotations.Restriction.

Java Annotations used with components: Execution
Additional annotations for reader components
Readers are specialized Tesla Components which offer access to signals (usually text). Thus, they require a few additional annotations.

Java Annotations used with access adapters
Java Annotations used with data objects
Define which data object methods are used when exporting data.