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Public Types

enum  Junctor { OR = ("OR"), AND = ("AND") }
enum  OrderDirection { ASCENDING = ("ASC"), DESCENDING = ("DESC") }
enum  AnchorSide { LEFT_ANCHOR = ("leftAnchor"), RIGHT_ANCHOR = ("rightAnchor") }

Public Methods

int hashCode ()
boolean equals (Object obj)
 AnchorConstraint (int anchorPosition, AnchorSide anchorSide, Relation relation)
String getSqlSnippet ()
boolean matches (Annotation<?extends DataObject > a)
boolean matches (int left, int right)
AnchorConstraint and (AnchorConstraint other)
AnchorConstraint or (AnchorConstraint other)
int compare (Annotation<?extends DataObject > a, Annotation<?extends DataObject > b)
String getTableName (Class<?> clazz)
Relation getRelation ()
AnchorConstraint getFirst ()
AnchorConstraint getSecond ()
Junctor getJunctor ()
long getAnchorPosition ()
AnchorSide getAnchorSide ()

Public Static Methods

static AnchorConstraint equalLeft (int anchorPosition)
static AnchorConstraint equalRight (int anchorPosition)
static AnchorConstraint greaterLeft (int anchorPosition)
static AnchorConstraint greaterRight (int position)
static AnchorConstraint greaterOrEqualLeft (int anchorPosition)
static AnchorConstraint lessThanRight (int anchorPosition)
static AnchorConstraint lessOrEqualRight (int anchorPosition)
static AnchorConstraint lessThanLeft (int anchorPosition)
static AnchorConstraint lessOrEqualLeft (int anchorPosition)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum AnchorSide [inherited]

Set of anchor sides in query constraints

enum Junctor [inherited]

Set of query constraint connecting junctors.

enum OrderDirection [inherited]

Set of order directions in query constraints.



AnchorConstraint ( int  anchorPosition,
AnchorSide  anchorSide,
Relation  relation 

Method Details

int compare ( Annotation<?extends DataObject a,
Annotation<?extends DataObject b 
static AnchorConstraint equalLeft ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
static AnchorConstraint equalRight ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
boolean equals ( Object  obj)
long getAnchorPosition ( )
AnchorSide getAnchorSide ( )
AnchorConstraint getFirst ( )
Junctor getJunctor ( )
Relation getRelation ( )
AnchorConstraint getSecond ( )
String getSqlSnippet ( )
String getTableName ( Class<?>  clazz)
static AnchorConstraint greaterLeft ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
static AnchorConstraint greaterOrEqualLeft ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
static AnchorConstraint greaterRight ( int  position) [static]
int hashCode ( )
static AnchorConstraint lessOrEqualLeft ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
static AnchorConstraint lessOrEqualRight ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
static AnchorConstraint lessThanLeft ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
static AnchorConstraint lessThanRight ( int  anchorPosition) [static]
boolean matches ( Annotation<?extends DataObject a)

Returns the query constraint as sql snippet.

query constraint as sql snippet Checks if the specified annotation matches the query constraint.
aannotation to check
true, if the specified annotation matches the query constraint, false otherwise.

Implements Constraint.

boolean matches ( int  left,
int  right