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Detailed Description

The main plugin class to be used in the desktop. Manages all image resources contained in this plugin.


Public Methods

 TeslaClientCorePlugin ()
void start (BundleContext context) throws Exception
void stop (BundleContext context) throws Exception
void log (String msg)
void log (String msg, Exception e)
synchronized Image createImage (String name)
File getFilesDirectory () throws IOException
File getParentFolder () throws IOException
TeslaUser getCurrentUser ()
Properties getServerPreferences ()
File getDBConfigFolder () throws IOException

Public Static Methods

static TeslaClientCorePlugin getDefault ()
static Properties getTeslaConnectionProperties ()
static String getServerInetAddress ()
static int getServerComPort ()
static int getServerRmiPort ()
static int getServerPingPort ()

Public Static Fields

static final String ID = TeslaClientCorePlugin.class.getName()
static final String IMG_COMP_20_DEFAULT = "component_20x20_default.png"
static final String EXTENSION_POINT = "de.uni_koeln.spinfo.tesla.client.core.listener"

Protected Methods

void initializeImageRegistry (ImageRegistry registry)

Package Attributes

static final String IMG_COMP_20_CRASHED = "component_20x20_crashed.png"
static final String IMG_COMP_20_RUNNING = "component_20x20_running.png"
static final String IMG_COMP_20_PROCESSED = "component_20x20_processed.png"
static final String IMG_ROLE_CONS_20_DEFAULT = "role_consumed_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_CORPUS_20_DEFAULT = "corpus_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_DOC_SEL_20_DEFAULT = "docselection_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_READER_20_DEFAULT = "reader_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_READER_20_CRASHED = "reader_20x20_crashed.png"
static final String IMG_READER_20_RUNNING = "reader_20x20_running.png"
static final String IMG_READER_20_PROCESSED = "reader_20x20_processed.png"
static final String IMG_DOC_20_DEFAULT = "document_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_EXP_20_DEFAULT = "experiment_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_EXP_20_CRASHED = "experiment_20x20_crashed.png"
static final String IMG_EXP_20_HOME = "experiment_20x20_home.png"
static final String IMG_EXP_20_RUNNING = "experiment_20x20_running.png"
static final String IMG_EXP_20_PROCESSED = "experiment_20x20_processed.png"
static final String IMG_ROLE_PROD_20_DEFAULT = "role_produced_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_SIGNAL_GROUP = "docselection_20x20_default.png"
static final String IMG_XML = "xml.jpg"
static final String IMG_TESLA_250 = "about.png"
static final String LOGO_48 = "logo_48.png"
static final String WELCOME_WIZARD_IMAGE = "welcomeWizard.png"


The constructor.

Method Details

synchronized Image createImage ( String  name)

Creates an Image based on the ImageDescriptor that is registered with the given name. Note: The caller of this method is responsible of disposing the image.

TeslaUser getCurrentUser ( )

Returns the TeslaUser representing the current user.

File getDBConfigFolder ( ) throws IOException
static TeslaClientCorePlugin getDefault ( ) [static]

Returns the shared instance.

File getFilesDirectory ( ) throws IOException
File getParentFolder ( ) throws IOException
static int getServerComPort ( ) [static]

Returns the communication port, used for AciveMQ On server-side, this value is defined in the file 'tesla.server.properties'

static String getServerInetAddress ( ) [static]
static int getServerPingPort ( ) [static]

Returns the Ping port, used to check availability of a Tesla Server On server-side, this value is defined in the file 'tesla.server.properties'

Properties getServerPreferences ( )

Returns a Properties object which contains the user defined values for Client#SERVER_INET_ADDRESS, Client#SERVER_PING_PORT, Client#SERVER_RMI_PORT and Client#SERVER_MESSAGING_PORT. Users can modify this values in the IPreferenceStore which belongs to this plugin. Used by the TeslaServer to modify via System#setProperties(Properties) the parameters used by a SpringPropertiesConfigurer to create a new Client which connects to the Server.

static int getServerRmiPort ( ) [static]

Returns the RMI port, used for Spring On server-side, this value is defined in the file 'tesla.server.properties'

static Properties getTeslaConnectionProperties ( ) [static]
void initializeImageRegistry ( ImageRegistry  registry) [protected]
void log ( String  msg)
void log ( String  msg,
Exception  e 
void start ( BundleContext  context) throws Exception

This method is called upon plug-in activation

void stop ( BundleContext  context) throws Exception

This method is called when the plug-in is stopped

Field Details

final String EXTENSION_POINT = "de.uni_koeln.spinfo.tesla.client.core.listener" [static]
final String ID = TeslaClientCorePlugin.class.getName() [static]
final String IMG_COMP_20_CRASHED = "component_20x20_crashed.png" [package]
final String IMG_COMP_20_DEFAULT = "component_20x20_default.png" [static]
final String IMG_COMP_20_PROCESSED = "component_20x20_processed.png" [package]
final String IMG_COMP_20_RUNNING = "component_20x20_running.png" [package]
final String IMG_CORPUS_20_DEFAULT = "corpus_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_DOC_20_DEFAULT = "document_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_DOC_SEL_20_DEFAULT = "docselection_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_EXP_20_CRASHED = "experiment_20x20_crashed.png" [package]
final String IMG_EXP_20_DEFAULT = "experiment_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_EXP_20_HOME = "experiment_20x20_home.png" [package]
final String IMG_EXP_20_PROCESSED = "experiment_20x20_processed.png" [package]
final String IMG_EXP_20_RUNNING = "experiment_20x20_running.png" [package]
final String IMG_READER_20_CRASHED = "reader_20x20_crashed.png" [package]
final String IMG_READER_20_DEFAULT = "reader_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_READER_20_PROCESSED = "reader_20x20_processed.png" [package]
final String IMG_READER_20_RUNNING = "reader_20x20_running.png" [package]
final String IMG_ROLE_CONS_20_DEFAULT = "role_consumed_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_ROLE_PROD_20_DEFAULT = "role_produced_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_SIGNAL_GROUP = "docselection_20x20_default.png" [package]
final String IMG_TESLA_250 = "about.png" [package]
final String IMG_XML = "xml.jpg" [package]
final String LOGO_48 = "logo_48.png" [package]
final String WELCOME_WIZARD_IMAGE = "welcomeWizard.png" [package]