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Public Methods

 Helper (ExperimentEditor editor)
void addComponent (ComponentEntity orig)
DocumentCollection addDocumentSelection (TeslaDocumentSelection selection, Point dropPoint, boolean refresh) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException
void addDataSource (DataSource dataSource, Point dropPoint) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException, DataSourceException
void refresh (List children)

Public Static Methods

static IEditorPart ensureEditorOpen (IEditorPart editor)
static IEditorPart ensureEditorOpen (IEditorPart editor, boolean open)


Helper ( ExperimentEditor  editor)
editorThe ExperimentEditor

Method Details

void addComponent ( ComponentEntity  orig)

Adds a component to the chain associated with this editor.

componentDefaultThe component to add to the associated chain.
void addDataSource ( DataSource  dataSource,
Point  dropPoint 
) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException, DataSourceException
DocumentCollection addDocumentSelection ( TeslaDocumentSelection  selection,
Point  dropPoint,
boolean  refresh 
) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException
static IEditorPart ensureEditorOpen ( IEditorPart  editor) [static]

Checks if an experiment is edited in a ExperimentEditor, i.e. if a ExperimentEditor is open. If it isn't, a dialog is presented to select a tesla.xml or *.graph in any root of any project in the workspace. The selected experiment is then opened in the editor.

Returns true if a graph editor is open or has been opened, false if none is opened and the selection has been cancelled.
static IEditorPart ensureEditorOpen ( IEditorPart  editor,
boolean  open 
) [static]
editorA new instance of the desired editor type, e.g new ExperimentEditor()
openIf true, a dialog to open an editor is presented in case no requested editor is open already
Return Returns the requested editor or null
void refresh ( List  children)