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Detailed Description

This class is inspired by the classes used in the Eclipse Forms Tutorial (http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-Forms/article.html):


Public Methods

 AbstractConfigurationEditor (String title)
void createContents (Composite parent)
void setModifiedValue (String selection)
void updateComment (String text, String description)
void commit (boolean onSave)
void dispose ()
void initialize (IManagedForm managedForm)
boolean isDirty ()
abstract String getLabel (ConfigurationItem item)
boolean isStale ()
void refresh ()
void setFocus ()
boolean setFormInput (Object input)
void selectionChanged (IFormPart part, ISelection selection)
getControl ()
IManagedForm getManagedForm ()
Section getSection ()
void removeChangeListener (ConfigMasterDetailsBlock block)
void addChangeListener (ConfigMasterDetailsBlock block)
void setComponent (ComponentEntity firstElement)
ComponentEntity getComponent ()
void setRestriction (String restriction, boolean evaluateOnServer, List< String > restrictionParameters)

Protected Methods

String validate (String selection) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException, IllegalArgumentException
List< String > getInitialValues () throws NotConnectedToTeslaException, IllegalArgumentException
String getEditorDescription ()

Package Functions

abstract T createUI (Composite parent, FormToolkit toolkit)
abstract void updateUI (ConfigurationItem newItem)

Package Attributes

Section commentSection


AbstractConfigurationEditor ( String  title)

Method Details

void addChangeListener ( ConfigMasterDetailsBlock  block)
void commit ( boolean  onSave)
void createContents ( Composite  parent)
abstract T createUI ( Composite  parent,
FormToolkit  toolkit 
) [package, pure virtual]
void dispose ( )
ComponentEntity getComponent ( )
T getControl ( )
String getEditorDescription ( ) [protected]
List<String> getInitialValues ( ) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException, IllegalArgumentException [protected]
abstract String getLabel ( ConfigurationItem  item) [pure virtual]
IManagedForm getManagedForm ( )
Section getSection ( )
void initialize ( IManagedForm  managedForm)
boolean isDirty ( )
boolean isStale ( )
void refresh ( )
void removeChangeListener ( ConfigMasterDetailsBlock  block)
void selectionChanged ( IFormPart  part,
ISelection  selection 
void setComponent ( ComponentEntity  firstElement)
void setFocus ( )
boolean setFormInput ( Object  input)
void setModifiedValue ( String  selection)
void setRestriction ( String  restriction,
boolean  evaluateOnServer,
List< String >  restrictionParameters 
void updateComment ( String  text,
String  description 
abstract void updateUI ( ConfigurationItem  newItem) [package, pure virtual]
String validate ( String  selection) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException, IllegalArgumentException [protected]

Field Details

Section commentSection [package]