ChainItemFactory Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is where diagram elements are created for model elements

sschwieb, fsteeg

Public Methods

 ChainItemFactory (ExperimentEditor editor)
List< ChainGraphVertexgetAllVertices ()
ChainGraphDiagram getChainDiagram ()
void removeDocumentCollection (DocumentCollection documentCollection)
void addCorpusVertex (ChainGraphVertex vertex)

Package Functions

void removeComponent (ComponentEntity component)
void addComponentVertex (ChainGraphVertex vertex)

Package Attributes

HashMap< Object, ChainGraphVertexitemsCache = new HashMap<Object, ChainGraphVertex>()


editorThe TeslaEditor, a multi page editor

Method Details

void addComponentVertex ( ChainGraphVertex  vertex) [package]
void addCorpusVertex ( ChainGraphVertex  vertex)
List<ChainGraphVertex> getAllVertices ( )
Returns all vertices for the model, creating connections between them
ChainGraphDiagram getChainDiagram ( )
void removeComponent ( ComponentEntity  component) [package]
void removeDocumentCollection ( DocumentCollection  documentCollection)

Field Details

HashMap<Object, ChainGraphVertex> itemsCache = new HashMap<Object, ChainGraphVertex>() [package]

The mapping of components to their vertices