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Detailed Description

View for the available Tesla ComponentRegistry.

General info (generated):

The view is connected to the model using a content provider.

The view uses a label provider to define how model objects should be presented in the view. Each view can present the same model objects using different labels and icons, if needed. Alternatively, a single label provider can be shared between views in order to ensure that objects of the same type are presented in the same way everywhere.

Fabian Steeg

Public Methods

 ComponentsView ()
void init (IViewSite site, IMemento memento) throws PartInitException
void saveState (IMemento memento)
void createPartControl (Composite parent)
void showMessage (String message)
void setFocus ()
void reload () throws NotConnectedToTeslaException

Public Static Fields

static final String ID = ComponentsView.class.getName()

Package Attributes

TreeViewer viewer


The constructor.

Method Details

void createPartControl ( Composite  parent)

This is a callback that will allow us to create the viewer and initialize it.

void init ( IViewSite  site,
IMemento  memento 
) throws PartInitException
void reload ( ) throws NotConnectedToTeslaException

Implements RefreshableTeslaView.

void saveState ( IMemento  memento)
void setFocus ( )

Passing the focus request to the viewer's control.

void showMessage ( String  message)

Field Details

final String ID = ComponentsView.class.getName() [static]
TreeViewer viewer [package]