AbstractStringEditDistance Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Operation { DELETE, INSERT, REPLACE, MATCH }

Public Methods

abstract Result align (int[] s, int[] t)

Protected Methods

List< Operationoperations (int[][] d, int i, int j, List< Operation > operations)
List< Intervallintervall (List< Operation > operations, Operation gap)

Protected Attributes

int match
int replace
int delete
int insert

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Operation

Method Details

abstract Result align ( int[]  s,
int[]  t 
) [pure virtual]

Implemented in Levenshtein, and Needleman.

List<Intervall> intervall ( List< Operation operations,
Operation  gap 
) [protected]
List<Operation> operations ( int  d[][],
int  i,
int  j,
List< Operation operations 
) [protected]

Field Details

int delete [protected]
int insert [protected]
int match [protected]
int replace [protected]