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Detailed Description

A Reader for Latex files. NOTE: This Reader is experimental. It may ignore valid text parts in result of non-valid sequences of braces (in worst case, the parsing will produce an endless loop). The reader level is very low, so it will not be selected automatically. The reason for that is that it is nearly impossible to detect a latex file.

Public Methods

void setCommandList (List< String > items)
Result run () throws IOException
void processText (InputStream input, OutputStream output, boolean writeAnnotations, String docId, String encoding) throws IOException
void getPreview (InputStream input, OutputStream output, String encoding) throws IOException
boolean supportsContent (InputStream input)
StringBuffer parse (InputStreamReader in, StringBuffer parsed, boolean aggregate) throws IOException
SortedMap< Integer, Map
< String, Integer > > 
getLatexAnnotaionsByStartAnchor ()
Map< String, Map< Integer,
Integer > > 
getLatexAnnotationsByAnnotation ()
void addCommands (Set< String > additionalCommands)

Protected Static Methods

static String deleteNullsFromString (String toProcess)

Protected Attributes

ISignalOutputAdapter< String > signalWriter
ISignalInputAdapter sa

Method Details

void addCommands ( Set< String >  additionalCommands)
static String deleteNullsFromString ( String  toProcess) [static, protected]
SortedMap<Integer, Map<String, Integer> > getLatexAnnotaionsByStartAnchor ( )
Map<String, Map<Integer,Integer> > getLatexAnnotationsByAnnotation ( )
void getPreview ( InputStream  input,
OutputStream  output,
String  encoding 
) throws IOException
StringBuffer parse ( InputStreamReader  in,
StringBuffer  parsed,
boolean  aggregate 
) throws IOException
void processText ( InputStream  input,
OutputStream  output,
boolean  writeAnnotations,
String  docId,
String  encoding 
) throws IOException
Result run ( ) throws IOException
void setCommandList ( List< String >  items)
boolean supportsContent ( InputStream  input)

Field Details

ISignalInputAdapter sa [protected]
ISignalOutputAdapter<String> signalWriter [protected]