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Public Methods

String getCategory ()
long calcTypeId ()
Calendar getStart ()
Calendar getEnd ()
void setEnd (Calendar end)
void setStart (Calendar start)
String getLabel ()
void setLabel (String label)
long getId ()
void setId (long id)

Method Details

long calcTypeId ( )

Implements TypeMappingGenerator.

String getCategory ( )

Returns the category-string of this category. Note that this value is not further restricted, and different implementations might return different strings.

the category string

Implements ISingleValueCategory.

Calendar getEnd ( )

Implements ITemporalExpression.

long getId ( ) [inherited]

Returns the Id of this DataObject. Might return 0, if the object hasn't been inserted into database yet.


Implements DataObject.

Reimplemented in Tweet, and TwitterEntity.

String getLabel ( ) [inherited]

Returns the label of this token, which can be any kind of string (except null), mainly used for display-reasons only. Note: Components MUST NOT assume that any kind of label (like 'word' or else) is returned by this method.

Implements ILabeledElement.

Reimplemented in TEIDramaSpeaker, TEIDramaSpeechAct, TEIDramaStage, JodaDateTime, JodaInterval, JodaPeriod, Timex, Tweet, and TwitterEntity.

Calendar getStart ( )

Implements ITemporalExpression.

void setEnd ( Calendar  end)
void setId ( long  id) [inherited]

Set the Id of this DataObject.


Implements DataObject.

Reimplemented in Tweet, and TwitterEntity.

void setLabel ( String  label) [inherited]
void setStart ( Calendar  start)