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Public Methods

 SimpleComparatorScore ()
long getId ()
void setId (long id)
double getRecall ()
double getPrecision ()
double getFScore ()
int getGoldRoleId ()
int getComparedRoleId ()
void setRecall (double recall)
void setPrecision (double precision)
void setComparedRoleId (int comparedRoleId)
void setGoldRoleId (int goldRoleId)
String getSignalId ()
void setSignalId (String signalId)
int getOverall ()
void setOverall (int overall)


Method Details

int getComparedRoleId ( )

Implements IComparatorScore.

double getFScore ( )

Implements IComparatorScore.

int getGoldRoleId ( )

Implements IComparatorScore.

long getId ( )

Returns the Id of this DataObject. Might return 0, if the object hasn't been inserted into database yet.


Implements DataObject.

int getOverall ( )
double getPrecision ( )

Implements IComparatorScore.

double getRecall ( )

Implements IComparatorScore.

String getSignalId ( )

Implements IComparatorScore.

void setComparedRoleId ( int  comparedRoleId)
void setGoldRoleId ( int  goldRoleId)
void setId ( long  id)

Set the Id of this DataObject.


Implements DataObject.

void setOverall ( int  overall)
void setPrecision ( double  precision)
void setRecall ( double  recall)
void setSignalId ( String  signalId)