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Public Methods

long getId ()
void setId (long id)
int getNumberOfAnnotations ()
int getNumberOfAnnotationTypes ()
int getNumberOfOccurrencesOfType (long type)
Iterator< Long > getAllTypes ()
Map< Long, Integer > getAllTypesAndOccurrences ()
Iterator< Long > getLeastFrequentTypes (int maxListSize)
Iterator< Long > getMostFrequentTypes (int maxListSize)

Protected Attributes

OpenLongIntHashMap typeOccurrences = new OpenLongIntHashMap()
int numberOfTokens

Method Details

Iterator<Long> getAllTypes ( )

Implements IFrequencies.

Map<Long, Integer> getAllTypesAndOccurrences ( )

Implements IFrequencies.

long getId ( )

Returns the Id of this DataObject. Might return 0, if the object hasn't been inserted into database yet.


Implements DataObject.

Iterator<Long> getLeastFrequentTypes ( int  maxListSize)
Iterator<Long> getMostFrequentTypes ( int  maxListSize)
int getNumberOfAnnotations ( )

Implements IFrequencies.

int getNumberOfAnnotationTypes ( )

Implements IFrequencies.

int getNumberOfOccurrencesOfType ( long  type)

Implements IFrequencies.

void setId ( long  id)

Set the Id of this DataObject.


Implements DataObject.

Field Details

int numberOfTokens [protected]
OpenLongIntHashMap typeOccurrences = new OpenLongIntHashMap() [protected]