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Public Methods

void addType (long typeId)
void compress ()
void addTypes (TypeDocumentFrequencies termFrequency)
long getId ()
void setId (long id)
int getNumberOfAnnotations ()
int getNumberOfAnnotationTypes ()
int getNumberOfOccurrencesOfType (long type)
Iterator< Long > getAllTypes ()
Map< Long, Integer > getAllTypesAndOccurrences ()
Iterator< Long > getLeastFrequentTypes (int maxListSize)
Iterator< Long > getMostFrequentTypes (int maxListSize)

Protected Attributes

OpenLongIntHashMap typeOccurrences = new OpenLongIntHashMap()
int numberOfTokens

Method Details

void addType ( long  typeId)
void addTypes ( TypeDocumentFrequencies  termFrequency)
void compress ( )
Iterator<Long> getAllTypes ( ) [inherited]

Implements IFrequencies.

Map<Long, Integer> getAllTypesAndOccurrences ( ) [inherited]

Implements IFrequencies.

long getId ( ) [inherited]

Returns the Id of this DataObject. Might return 0, if the object hasn't been inserted into database yet.


Implements DataObject.

Iterator<Long> getLeastFrequentTypes ( int  maxListSize) [inherited]
Iterator<Long> getMostFrequentTypes ( int  maxListSize) [inherited]
int getNumberOfAnnotations ( ) [inherited]

Implements IFrequencies.

int getNumberOfAnnotationTypes ( ) [inherited]

Implements IFrequencies.

int getNumberOfOccurrencesOfType ( long  type) [inherited]

Implements IFrequencies.

void setId ( long  id) [inherited]

Set the Id of this DataObject.


Implements DataObject.

Field Details

int numberOfTokens [protected, inherited]
OpenLongIntHashMap typeOccurrences = new OpenLongIntHashMap() [protected, inherited]