VoynichTextLabelsImpl Class Reference

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Public Methods

long getId ()
void setId (long id)
String getCourierLanguage ()
void setCourierLanguage (String courierLanguage)
String getSection ()
void setSection (String section)
String getPageIdentifier ()
void setPageIdentifier (String pageIdentifier)

Method Details

String getCourierLanguage ( )

Implements IVoynichTextLabel.

long getId ( )

Returns the Id of this DataObject. Might return 0, if the object hasn't been inserted into database yet.


Implements DataObject.

String getPageIdentifier ( )

Implements IVoynichTextLabel.

String getSection ( )

Implements IVoynichTextLabel.

void setCourierLanguage ( String  courierLanguage)
void setId ( long  id)

Set the Id of this DataObject.


Implements DataObject.

void setPageIdentifier ( String  pageIdentifier)
void setSection ( String  section)