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This Message Driven Bean is responsible for execution of chains and components. When a message is received, it is delegated to a method call of either ChainHandler or ComponentHandler, but no further actions are performed in this bean because of two reasons: The execution logic is kept simple and it can be guaranteed that all long-running methods are executed outside of any transaction: Runtime itself uses bean managed transactions (in this case: none at all), and the methods of ChainHandler or ComponentHandler (which are Stateless Session Beans) that are called from Runtime are annotated with transaction type "not supported". New Message Driven Beans are created automatically by the application server whenever a new message is received while no already created MDB is available - in other words, the application server ensures that there will always be a MDB to interpret a message.


Public Methods

void onMessage (Message message)
void destroy ()

Protected Attributes

Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(Runtime.class)

Method Details

void destroy ( )
void onMessage ( Message  message)
messagean ObjectMessage containing an Experiment or a Component and a Command as string property.

Field Details

Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(Runtime.class) [protected]