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Detailed Description

Serializes and deserializes experiments, with help of JAXB 2. Note that this class must not be reused - for each operation, a new instance must be created.

Public Methods

 ExperimentSerializer (boolean validate)
Experiment deserializeExperimentFromFile (File file) throws IOException
String serializeExperimentToString (Experiment downloaded)
Experiment deserializeExperimentFromString (String content) throws IOException
void serializeExperimentToFile (Experiment c, String absolutePath)


ExperimentSerializer ( boolean  validate)

Method Details

Experiment deserializeExperimentFromFile ( File  file) throws IOException
Experiment deserializeExperimentFromString ( String  content) throws IOException
void serializeExperimentToFile ( Experiment  c,
String  absolutePath 
String serializeExperimentToString ( Experiment  downloaded)