IHierarchicalCategoryAccessAdapter< T extends IHierarchicalCategory > Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

An access adapter for IHierarchicalCategory-annotations.
Note: This interface contains an IAccessAdapterTest which can be run by Tesla's JUnit-Component. Developers who re-implement this interface should run this component to validate their implementation.

<T>a sub interface of IHierarchicalCategory, or IHierarchicalCategory itself.


class  AdapterTest

Public Methods

List< Annotation< T > > getCategoriesByValues (Range range, Order order, int minSubCategoryMatches, String mainCategory, String...subCategories)

Method Details

List<Annotation<T> > getCategoriesByValues ( Range  range,
Order  order,
int  minSubCategoryMatches,
String  mainCategory,
String...  subCategories 

Returns all annotations which match the given Range, sorted by Order, which match the given mainCategory such that IHierarchicalCategory#getCategory().equals(mainCategory) and which further match the given categories via IHierarchicalCategory#getSubCategories().contains(category). If at least minMatches of the subCategories of an annotation match, the annotation is returned. If mainCategory isnull, only subCategories are analyzed. If range is null, all annotations of all signals are returned. If order is null, the order of the returned elements is unspecified. If no matching annotations were found, an empty list is returned. Never returns null.

rangethe range to search in
orderthe order of the returned elements
categoriesthe list of categories to search
the list of matching annotations