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Detailed Description

An IWhitespace is an ISubSequence which represents whitespace in a text.

TODO This interface is incomplete - the set of whitespace types must be defined.


Public Methods

String getWhitespaceType ()
String getLabel ()
void setId (long id)

Public Fields

static String TAB = "tab"
static String LINEBREAK = "Linebreak"

Public Static Fields

static String SPACE = "Space"

Package Functions

long getId ()

Method Details

long getId ( ) [package, inherited]
String getLabel ( ) [inherited]

Returns the label of this token, which can be any kind of string (except null), mainly used for display-reasons only. Note: Components MUST NOT assume that any kind of label (like 'word' or else) is returned by this method.

Implemented in LabeledAnnotation, TerminalNode< T >, TEIDramaSpeaker, TEIDramaSpeechAct, TEIDramaStage, JodaDateTime, JodaInterval, JodaPeriod, Timex, Tweet, and TwitterEntity.

String getWhitespaceType ( )

Returns the type of the whitespace.


Implemented in Whitespace.

Field Details

String LINEBREAK = "Linebreak"
String SPACE = "Space" [static]
String TAB = "tab"