How to use Tesla's views and perspectives

Below the toolbar you can change between the tesla developer- and the tesla linguist view. The tesla developer view is strongly oriented to the usual eclipse view.
To create and execute experiments select the tesla linguist view.


On the left side you can select several views which e.g. lists all corpus selections or tesla components.
To use one in an experiment, you can drag it with the mouse into the editor.
The corpus manager shows a list of all uploaded documents. By right-clicking on the corpus view you can e.g. create new selections or upload new documents.


In the experiment view all local and server experiments are listed. With a right-click on the local experiments view, you can create new experiments and execute experiments.
The executed experiment will appear in the server experiment view.


An overview of all tesla roles is shown in the role hierarchy view.

Besides some buttons known from eclipse, the tesla toolbar includes some additional buttons:
On the left side are two buttons to connect to and stop the tesla server.


To create a new tesla component or a new experiment click the create new tesla experiment or create new tesla component project button.
The button between executes the open experiment.

The experiment editor consists of different tabs. By default you see the graphical view of your experiment , which shows the connections between the used corpus selections and components.


If you change to overview you get some metadata about the experiment.


To configure an experiment change to the configuration tab. It shows a list of the used components and their properties.

In the server log view below the editor all server activities are listed.
The experiment state view shows the state of the different components while an experiment is running.